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During your stay with us, we have 6 bicycles (3 for adults and 3 for children). We have mapped individual bike tours of varying lengths and difficulty for your exploration. They all follow quiet, country roads and we can offer suggestions for any route you may want to follow.

We make the assumption you carry your own travel insurance.

If you have your own bike or family bikes, we can store them undercover.

A starting Point for a Large Network of Bicycling Roads

Beginning from your Gîte, the undulating roads of Bresse are easy and approachable for children.

Further away, and more strenuous, are tours in the nearby Jura Mountains. The tours are longer, but the rewards are beautiful views and long descents.

In the Burgundian wine country there are also many tour routes. They are somewhat strenuous, but romantic and beautiful.

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Ride on little-traveled roads with very light traffic
Starting out
View of the Château-Chalon in the Jura