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Sainte Croix in the Bresse Region

The village name Sainte Croix is confusing because there are several other locations with the same name. Our Ste Croix lies in Burgundy (there is another in Southern France and one in Switzerland). 


Our village is 2 km from your gîte and is easy to reach by foot or by bicycle. There are 500 residents, which includes people living in farmhouses dotted here and there. In the middle of the village you can shop with the local butcher.  You will also find the local post office.

History of the Vacation Location

On the mainstreet you will find a well run restaurant called “Auberge Des Mousquetaires”, which is also frequented by local people. The name refers to an historical fact.

In the time of the Louis XIV, the wife of the Musketeer, d”Artagnan - who was a member of the  King’s personal bodyguards - lived in the former castle of Ste Croix. The baroness from Ste Croix, named Anne-Charlotte de Champlecy, lived here until her death in 1683 and was buried in the church. Later her two sons were also buried here.

For the last 20 years a small, local club named d’Artagnan, has run a small museum. Thought the voluntary help of the club, visitors can see the museum and the church.


D’Artagnan is known from the novel by the French writer, Alexander Dumas, “The Three Musketeers”. In real life he was a member of the king’s entourage as it made its way through the country. Meanwhile his wife lived in Ste Croix. He was born in the Southern French town of Lupiac and died in Maastricht in the Netherlands.

In June of 2015 a new 1000 km “Route d’Artagnan” was inaugurated extending from the three towns and villages, and is intended to be an auto tour. At the entrance to Ste Croix is a monument built to mark the king’s  rider.

Inn of the Musketeers
Old home in Ste Croix
Underway in the village – enjoying nature
Monument to d'Artagnan at the entrance to Ste Croix